What if you Couldn’t fail?

FreedomI’m currently wrapping up a whirlwind visit to the east coast where I’ve enjoyed visiting and playing with friends, being with family, a gorgeous trip to Block Island … as well as 2 speaking engagements and teaching a yoga & essential oils workshop.


All this and it’s barely been 2 weeks. 🙂

I will admit I’ve been missing my beautiful home, the Central California coast farmer’s markets … and most of all my sweetheart (insert demure blush).

On one of our daily calls to each other, he asked me the question: “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”

(He loves to throw these little “opportunity for growth” questions into the mix every now and again.)

Initially, I blurted out a string of things that I felt I wanted to do or experience, but currently wasn’t.

Then I realized that the reason I wasn’t doing them was not because I feared failure, but because I feared the unknown of whether they could “sustain” me, and support my ability to thrive.

It was a fear of letting go of the known in order to fit in the new, unknown.

Much of what I listed fed into life purpose or financial investment kinds of projects – leading body image empowerment retreats for teenage girls; writing a book; creating and beginning to teach a Holistic Yin Training for teachers & practitioners; invest in an income property …

And then there were the creative pursuits – doing ceramic sculpture; dancing and performing again …

And adventures – taking 6 months off to travel with my love; doing a vision quest; climbing Mt. Shasta …

And the emotional risks – opening up to loving fully and completely no matter what (feel like I’m kind of doing this one already)

What I realized was that the reason I wasn’t doing these things was much more complex than fear of failure. In fact, for many of them, I didn’t fear failure at all.

I became aware that I feared what I had to let go of in order to actually make space for certain things … or that I felt stuck or blocked by HOW to make certain things happen … or I doubted my abilities and worth, etc.

A lot came up, but I did realize a couple of key insights and learnings:

  1. I actually DO take quite a lot of risk in my life already … and fear of failure isn’t generally what stops me from taking more of the risks I still want to take. It’s a lack of trust in my ability to support myself outside of what is known. It’s more a fear of not surviving or making a mistake as to which decision I make (which could be seen as failure, I guess).
  2. I have so many things I do want to do! And sometimes it feels overwhelming. Instead of saying “Oh well!” and continuing on as I have been, I’ve decided to take the opportunity this question presented to be a bit more proactive about some of these “latent desires” by beginning to follow through on little baby steps. For example, signing up for a dance class or ceramics class; studying the map and beginning to highlight places I’d like to visit (and why); beginning a notebook dedicated to my retreat idea or Yin training; opening an account for my investment property, and depositing something every week … just a few ideas.


If you are serious about living an extraordinary life (not one that is ordinary), I’m going to invite you to answer this question for yourself:

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”

And do you feel like fear of failure is what stops you? Or is it something else?

I see again, and again when I talk to prospective clients, that it is often an underlying fear of failure that stops them from investing in the most valuable asset they have: Themselves and their health.

Has this happened for you?

Without your health and vitality NOTHING else matters.


When you commit to yourself and invest in yourself, you really CANNOT fail.

Really, you can’t. 🙂

As we step into the autumn season, a season of letting go of what’s excess and consolidating into the essence of what’s truly important, taking a little time to reflect on these questions is a huge gift to offer to yourself.

I’m also offering something kind of special thru October 15th, and hope you will take the chance to try something new, do something for YOU, and invest in your most important asset … for 50% off.

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Don’t forget to leave a comment below to share your insights, and what you are committed to in your own life.

Much Love,




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