Curing the Incurable with Food

I love inspiring stories!

Which is why I was so grateful when my friendly “bulk department” guy at the local Whole Foods pulled me aside the last time I was shopping to share with me his recent transformation. He was so excited, and yet a little sheepish.

He began by telling me about the shame he felt for having worked at a place like WF all these years and NOT cluing in to the medicine right under his nose.

I assured him that nobody’s perfect, and that it can sometimes be human nature to get so caught up in our own routine that we don’t see the opening to what we desire – even when it’s right in front of us.

In his case this desire was to heal the chronic pain and inflammation in his back, which had been labeled as “incurable arthritis”.

I’m hoping to get a video of him telling his story, but that may be a little too much notoriety for him, so here’s the gist and what I learned:

This poor guy had been suffering for years, taking toxic medications, spending thousands on all kinds of treatments and getting no relief. That’s ZERO relief. Yikes!

So, 2 weeks ago, a rep had come in to demo the Vita-Mix (my most beloved machine!), and he was sold. My Whole Foods friend promptly brought his new toy home along with a load of fresh produce from the store, and committed to a new habit: Making green smoothies and whole food veggie juices daily. That’s my guy! : )

Well, when he pulled me aside to share his story, his eyes were wide (as if he still didn’t believe it) as he told me that he was TOTALLY pain-free after only a week. Woo hoo!

Now, I know that health doesn’t always sell. We often gravitate towards what will bring us more money, or the promise of money. But my friend was looking at having to leave work because he had gotten to the point of being in too much pain, and then “POOF!” . . . after a week of adding Vita-Mix juices to his diet was cured with a new lease on life (and work!).

I was touched and humbled.

I sometimes question whether what I teach and share is really that valuable. Because it is now years after my “spontaneous recovery” from my various ailments, I can sometimes take for granted the power of what is now just joyful habit for me.

My hope is that this story can inspire you no matter where you are on your health journey.

If you are struggling with health issues, may this light the fire under your bum to TAKE ACTION!

Take a moment to journal on why you’ve been putting things off. What’s standing in your way (is it financial, emotional, relational). Usually, these blocks aren’t as solid or real as they seem, and can be removed. (Stay tuned for more on this in my next post).

If you are well-drenched in your healthy lifestyle, I invite you to APPRECIATE this gift – really appreciate it! Acknowledge yourself for “making the effort” (and it’s really no effort once it sinks into joyful routine), and for valuing yourself and your loved ones enough to understand that this really IS your #1 priority.

It has to be! Otherwise if you lose your health, EVERYTHING crumbles. Some of you know exactly what I’m talking about because you’ve experienced this.

Here’s to staying open to healthy inspiration and living your most divine life creation in amazing health!

If you’re feeling stuck on what to do, or feel like you need a little inspiration, support or plan, let’s talk! I’d love to see how I can support you in moving forward  in a powerful way that works for YOU (not someone else).

Click here to schedule a complimentary Body Transformation Breakthrough Session and make this the summer you step into your divine self. : ) These slots are limited, so if it speaks to you, dive on in.

If you’d like to learn about Sarah’s journey to a new pain-free, “normal” life after working with me, click here.

I would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below and let me know where you are on your journey or what you liked about this post.

love and health always,


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