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What if you Couldn’t fail?

I’m currently wrapping up a whirlwind visit to the east coast where I’ve enjoyed visiting and playing with friends, being with family, a gorgeous trip to Block Island … as well as 2 speaking engagements and teaching a yoga & … Continue reading

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Anti-Anxiety tip

Does anxiety sometimes feel like it’s consuming your life? Do you ever feel like you just can’t turn off the “monkey mind”? This quick video tip shares a very simple yoga tip to help quiet the mind, bring you clarity … Continue reading

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I have found myself (more times than I care to admit), dreaming of something really big – a big vision of what I desire to do, create and enjoy in this life, only to cut it short by putting it somewhere waaaay out there in never-never land, or simply dismissing that I could ever be capable of THAT. Continue reading

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The Best Investment in ANY Economy

About one month ago I took a BIG leap. I mean big. In one of the worst economic times since the great depression, I have continued to pour my heart and soul into a business I love. And you know … Continue reading

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